Dr Krista McLennan

BSc(Hons), MSc, PhD, MRSB, SFHEA, PGCTHLE; Deputy Head of Department for Biological Sciences and Senior lecturer in Animal Behaviour

Current PhD students

Student: James Hill

Project Title: Facial signalling and related behaviours in owls.

Description: Jimmi's PhD is looking at the different facial signals and other related behaviours in owls. Jimmi is hoping to develop a welfare assessment tool that will help to identify potential stress in captive owls, but to also learn more about the ecology of different expressions that owls use to communicate with others.
Owls are very expressive in nature

Student: Jessica Harley

Project Title: A welfare management protocol for captive zoo equids

Description: Jessica is aiming to further their MRes project looking at a similar aspect, but to also include captive zoo equid populations. Jessica has extensive experience in developing tools and assessing the welfare of captive zoo animals and hopes that this tool can be used to support the improvement in housing and management of captive zoo equids.

Looking for a supervisor?

I am always interested in supervising masters and PhD projects looking at the following areas, but I am also open to other research projects looking at welfare and behaviour in farm, equine or companion animals:
  • Precision livestock farming.
  • Using technology to assess animal welfare.
  • Facial recognition in sheep.
  • Facial expression of pain during parturition in sheep.
  • Facial expression in BOAS dogs.
  • Welfare assessments in equine, farm, or companion animals
  • Disease and pain in farm and equine species.
  • Lameness in farm or equine species.
Please email me for more information on how to apply for these projects or if you are interested in collaborating with me.